Sunday, January 2, 2011

Summer in Korea, Part 1

Our trip to Korea this summer was many things. Hot & humid tops the list! We landed in Incheon around 5AM after our 14 hour flight from JFK. We flew out at 12:50 AM and thankfully were able to sleep a good bit of the flight. Korean Air is wonderful! Upon landing we found the our luggage, then the rental cell phone company and picked up the phone we had reserved. After a quick call home we found a taxi to Seoul (there was a bus in 2 hours, but it already had a long line and were too tired to wait). The driver had a hard time finding the Holt Guest House, but did at last. We got into our room, cranked the AC, showered and napped. We Skyped with my husband (who was back home). Skype made the trip easier.
The next day we were off to Busan to stay with friends. The day after that we took the bus to Goseong for a short visit with DaHoon's Halmoni and to pick up his younger brother. With no translator our visit was made up of eating and sign language. We did okay, though we certainly felt the need to learn Korean more than ever. We took the bus back to Busan with him that evening. I had to break my "no American food while in Korea" rule as HoIk (younger brother) saw the Golden Arches and had to have some.

More later...

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